What you get for your money!

£10 a month. Not a big amount, but certainly not nothing, and for £10 you want value, you want to get something. In the Big NI Market here is what you get: A full listing of your business, with an image, your sales pitch, links to your website and/or social media pages and all yourContinue reading “What you get for your money!”

How the Big NI Market Works

I have been driving for about 45 years, and I haven’t a clue how an engine actually functions. But I think it will be helpful to explain how the Big NI Market will work. The engine of the BigNIMarket is the software. It comes from a company in the US that provides mapping services toContinue reading “How the Big NI Market Works”

Funnel Marketing – What’s That Then?

Marketing in the Digital Age is different. It is driven by data, targeting, content and creativity. When I was working in the pre-digital time in advertising, targeting was confined to the choice of the media channel and the programming. If you wanted to sell Crazy Prices to housewives, pay for your ad to appear inContinue reading “Funnel Marketing – What’s That Then?”

2021 – a Huge Opportunity!

It is tough being an optimist. To believe that things are going to get better when we are surrounded by people determined to seek out and promote the negatives. But I happen to be optimisitic by nature and thought. Sure it is easy to think that things are bad, as we face the current unprecedentedContinue reading “2021 – a Huge Opportunity!”

Who’s who in the Big NI Market?

The Big NI Market is being developed by three people, Tim McKane, Trevor Steenson and Michael Osborne. So who are they and how are they going to be able to change your marketing? Tim has over 40 years in advertising and marketing, with the last ten years focussed on digital. He has worked mainly locally,Continue reading “Who’s who in the Big NI Market?”

What’s Different in the Big NI Market?

The customer experience online has been much the same for a few years now, and I am sure you are thinking, well, how are they going to change it, in Northern Ireland, for me? There are two types of shopping. Destination. You know where you are going and what you want to buy. Browsing. YouContinue reading “What’s Different in the Big NI Market?”

We’re not competing with Google and Facebook, we’re helping you get more from them…

Digital marketing in 2021 means Google and Facebook. Of course there are others, but these two are the giants, with nearly 70% of all digital spend. So, of course, we are not going to compete with them, we are going to help you get more out of them. More visibility and more customers. Here’s theContinue reading “We’re not competing with Google and Facebook, we’re helping you get more from them…”

A Marketing Team that Grows Every Day

Marketing for small businesses is tough. There are more constraints than opportunities. Budgets, time, expertise, experience and tech all get in the way of making it easy. So what if you team up with hundreds of others in the same boat, and worked together to get a lot more awareness for your business? And itContinue reading “A Marketing Team that Grows Every Day”

Top Tips for Signing Up…

The Big NI Market is a totally new platform for your to market your business. It’s an opportunity for you to build an audience for your business, working with all the others in the Market to enage with a much bigger audience than you have ever had before. So when you sign up make sureContinue reading “Top Tips for Signing Up…”