The New Market for Your Business…

TheBIGNIMarket is a virtual shopping centre that uses social media marketing to attract shoppers to the door of your business.

TheBIGNIMarket is the shopping centre window to your business. The website has been designed for desktop, tablet and smartphone viewing.

Just like a shopping centre TheBigNIMarket website has divided into sectors to help customers find the type of business they are looking for– for example the ‘Go Shopping’ sector for shoppers looking for anything from Arts & Crafts to Home Fragrance or the ‘Business to Business’ sector for business looking for services such as cleaning services, printing & graphic design services etc.

There are currently eight business sectors within TheBIGNIMarket;- Go Shopping Food and Drink Things to Do Places to Stay Health and Beauty Business to Business Professional Services  Get Work Done.  

How does it work?

Instead of individual businesses having to invest their time and money developing, organising and updating their own individual social media marketing campaigns TheBIGNIMarket runs on-going sector-based campaigns on their behalf.

The marketing is designed to attract customers to TheBIGNIMarket website where they can find the businesses providing the products or services they need.

TheBIGNIMarket bases its marketing campaigns around its business sectors, so when your business is added to TheBIGNIMarket it will be regularly marketed as part of that sector to target audiences within the 1.2 million-plus Facebook users in Northern Ireland.  

TheBIGNIMarket social media marketing campaigns targets each business sectors’ ideal customer and is designed to attract those customers to TheBIGNIMarket website where they can see the details of your products and business.

In developing its ideal customer ‘persona’ TheBIGNIMarket takes account of a potential customers age, their location and gender together with more subjective traits such as a customer likes, dislikes, problems and desired solutions. These customised personas enable TheBIGNIMarket campaigns to better target your potential customers and increase the likelihood of the right type of customer seeing your business, products and services.

TheBIGNIMarket website also enables customers to find TheBIGNIMarket businesses around their location on its Shop Local page. This means that in addition to it sector-based marketing TheBIGNIMarket also includes marketing campaigns targeted at the growing number of people who actively seek out local businesses.

How will being part of TheBIGNIMarket help my Business?

Today social media is an essential part of a business’s marketing strategy however being successful on social media is not as simple as posting to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. To be successful you need to do more than basic posting – you need to create and run marketing campaigns and ensure these campaigns reach and engage with the type of customer looking for your product or service. To do this you need to understand your target audience and, if paying for add placements, decide how best to spend you advertising budget.

The proactive and targeted marketing carried out on your behalf by TheBigNIMarket on social media and internet search channels reduces the need for you to learn and understand the details of social media advertising and strategy. By running sector-based marketing campaigns’ the cost of social media advertising is reduced to individual businesses and your businesses visibility to potential customers is much greater than might otherwise be achieved.

What happens when I join TheBIGNIMarket?

When you join TheBIGNIMarket your business will have its individual ‘Business Card’ published in one or more of the sectors on TheBIGNIMarket website.

Your individual business card shows customers personalised information about your business. The front of the card shows your business name, your logo or product photograph, your business address, your contact details, including your e-commerce site or webpage (if you have one one), and your social media links. The reverse of the card is where you can provide your customers with more general information about your business and the products or services you provide. This is where you can make a more personal connection with the customer and describe what makes your product or service unique.

You are in control of your business information on TheBIGNIMarket and can update it at any time if your business develops or changes keeping your information relevant to your customers.

TheBIGNIMarket also promotes the growing ‘Shop Local’ ethos by automatically linking your business card to website mapping enabling customers to search for businesses around their location in the ‘Shop Local’ screen or zooming to your location when looking at your business card.

TheBIGNIMarket website also has a ‘Special Offers’ page where you can add and update any special offers or seasonal promotions.

How much does it cost to join TheBIGNIMarket ?

TheBIGNIMarket operates on a subscription basis (£10 per month). Part of each subscription is used to fund the social media marketing campaigns. When you take out a subscription you are provided with a secure link which allows you to cancel your subscription at any time without having to contact TheBIGNIMarket team.

Further information can be found on the ‘Join’ and ‘Help’ pages on the website and the BIG NI Marketing Blog

The team in the company (TITRMI Ltd.) have more than 60 years of combined experience in innovation, marketing, project development and build and success. 

TheBIGNIMarket is operated by TITRMI Ltd (NI) 674441 Unit 2 Channel Wharf, 21 Old Channel Road, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT3 9DE 

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